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Clipsal -C-Bus Panel Mount 1 Channel Relay


Clipsal -C-Bus Panel Mount 1 Channel Relay


The C-Bus One Channel Relay Unit is a panel mount unit suitable for switching resistive, inductive and fluorescent loads. The units are ideally suited for mounting inside fluorescent lighting products, street lighting columns and adjacent HID luminaries due to their small size and volume.

These relay units feature a remote override for on/off control and a C-Bus Status indicator.

Load control is provided by a special dual contact relay designed for extreme long life with lighting loads, even with power factor corrected fluorescent lamps. One contact is tungsten designed to withstand high inrush currents and arcing when opening and the other contact is silver alloy for steady state current operation.

The relay features a 0-10V output and is compatible with dimmable electronic ballasts, hence the relay may be used to switch line voltage to the ballast as well as dim the output using the 0-10V output.

The single channel relay unit is available as a passive model only, hence does not current to the C-Bus network.

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