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Clipsal - C-Bus Blind & Shutter Control Relay


Clipsal - C-Bus Blind & Shutter Control Relay


The L5501RBCP C-Bus shutter Relay is an output unit suitable for controlling motorised curtains, blinds and shutters. the unit has voltage free relay terminals with separate outputs for open/up and close/down. It is DIN rail mounted, measuring 2 modules wide A separate wall mounting enclosure is available for mounting the unit near the curtain, blind or shutter motor.

The L5501RBCP is used to control one set of motorised curtains, blinds or shutters. It contains interlocked relays for Close, Open, and Stop control. It has Active and Neutral inputs with Active Open, Active Close and Switches Neutral (SW-N) outputs. It is capable of generating a C-Bus system clock signal and has a software-selectable network burden. Two local override buttons are provided for Close and Open functions (overriding the current C-Bus state). It does not require fan forced cooling. Any motor running at mains power, 24 VAC or 24 VDC and rated at up to 2 Amps (M) and intended for blinds, curtains or shutter control can be connected to the L5501RBCP relay.

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