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Clipsal - C-Bus 8 Channel Extra Low Voltage Relay


Clipsal - C-Bus 8 Channel Extra Low Voltage Relay


The C-Bus 8 Channel Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Relay offers the ability for C-Bus to switch low voltages and signal wires with a purpose-designed product. Housed in a dust proof enclosure, this product offers eight single-pole, double-throw (changeover) relay contacts. Until now, this control has been provided by using either mains rated contacts on C-Bus DIN rail relays installed into a switchboard enclosure, or by integrating with third-party relay products.

The C-Bus ELV relay unit controls devices such as irrigation solenoids. Each of the contacts is rated to handle switching current loads up to 2 Amps, including inductive loads such as the coils of irrigation solenoids. Other similar load types such as electric door strikes, can now be controlled directly from this purpose-built product.

The changeover contacts are perfect for ELV air-conditioning dampers with 'power to on, power to off' requirements. The relays are also suitable for 'power to on, spring return', air-conditioning damper applications.

Pulse control of third-party devices such as garage doors or vehicle access gates are perfect applications for this product. Pulse contact control of certain blinds and curtains can also be achieved quite easily.

The 'restore to off' feature ensures that the contact will always be in the de-energised state after a power failure; this prevents accidental activation of devices.

Dry contact integration into other products such as key-switch arming into alarm panels can also be provided easily and cost effectively. Contact pairing is provided so that simultaneous activation of two contacts produces a third function on some blind and curtain systems that require it.

You can configure any combination of the above applications. Also, C-Bus provides all of the unit and relay activation power, allowing mixed voltages and applications.

The enclosure is designed for surface mounted installations and is suitable for higher operating temperatures, such as in garden sheds where irrigation control is required.

Both mounting holes and keyhole mounting options are provided. The lid is reversible for the chosen orientation. All terminal blocks are removable and are clearly marked. Local override buttons are provided for testing purposes. In addition to the C-Bus indicator, there is a status indicator for each individual relay. Multiple 16mm knockouts are provided to assist with cable entry or the fitting of cable glands.

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