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Clipsal - 4-Channel Bus Coupler


Clipsal - 4-Channel Bus Coupler


The 4 Channel C-Bus Bus Coupler unit is a Key Input device allowing connection of voltage free mechanical switches into the C-Bus system. The Learn Mode features are incorporated in this device, allowing a quick and easy way to program mechanical switches to achieve various control functions, such as: on/off, dimmer or timer.

The unit facilitates remote access to C-Bus via any dry contact switch mechanism, such as the Clipsal 30M Range, the Clipsal Heritage Range or the Clipsal 56 Series Range of Industrial Switches. In this way the user can mix and match 2000 Series, Standard Range, Heritage Range, Metal Plate or Prestige Series switch plates and 3rd party products with C-Bus. Alternatively, reed, pressure, micro or other switches may be used to enhance the system flexibility.

Being a C-Bus input device, the unit transmits messages to C-Bus output devices to control load states. All C-Bus switching commands are available via the Bus-Coupler, including: on, off, toggle, timer and dimming functions etc. Dimming operations are best achieved using a spring return type switch such as the Clipsal 30MBPR Bell Press mechanism. The unit is designed to fit into standard Australian, British (deep) and South African wall box boxes.

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